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Top 5 Reasons Millennials Choose Luxury Apartments Over Home Ownership

15.08.2015 in Life, Moving

Is it better to rent or to own? For years, conventional wisdom taught that home ownership was the key to financial stability. To luxury-minded Millennials, however, the white picket fence and a 30-year mortgage is their parent’s dream – not theirs. Before we get too far into this article, we want to make it clear that we are not saying that the classic American dream of home ownership is a mistake. Both renting and owning an apartment or home have their financial advantages. Still, there are many other factors at play, including flexibility, costs, lifestyle, future plans and more, which help explain the recent Census Bureau statistic that home ownership among 25-34 year olds has declined nearly 10% since 2006. Here are a few ways in…

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Five Must-Know Tips For Your Next Apartment Move

04.06.2015 in Lifestyle, Moving, Tips and Tricks

Okay, so you’ve found your dream apartment and just signed the lease. There’s just one more thing that stands between you and your new place – moving. Moving all your life’s belongings into your new apartment can be a challenge, and you can’t do it alone. If money is no object, you can hire a moving company, but even then you will have to be prepared.  More likely, you are counting on help from your true friends, and that’s our assumption for this article. So yes, you will have to plan how to move the bed or that big 80” TV on your own time. Moving will consume your life if you don’t have a good plan. With that in mind, here are five must-know tips for making a…

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Where to Get Your “Live Music” Fix Five Minutes from Willow Square

01.06.2015 in Lifestyle, Music

Young professionals enjoy music – especially live music – and those who choose a suburban lifestyle are no exception. For today’s blog, we thought we would highlight some of the music choices within a five minute trip from Willow Square of Clarence: Howdy’s at 8166 Main Street. Billed as “Buffalo’s Iconic Honky Tonk” this place has definitely seen its share of music throughout the years. Howdy’s is a 600 capacity venue that slants its entertainment choices towards country music. Being that there is a large barn on the back wall of the stage might be an indicator too. From national headliners to local favorites like the Marshall Dillon Band, this country hot spot is just minutes away. For a change of pace, on Friday night…

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Young professional man with bike consults his tablet.

Five Reasons Young Professionals Choose The Suburbs

26.05.2015 in Home, Lifestyle

While national trends show that an increasing amount of young people are moving to cities for a variety of reasons, what gets lost in the conversation are the countless millions of twenty and thirty-somethings that are choosing life in the suburbs. The allure of the city and the experiences get top billing as the place to live for young professionals. However, life outside of the city also provides its unique form of benefits and lifestyle. Here are five reasons why the suburbs can be a great fit for young people. 1. You’re just not a city person. Maybe you grew up in quieter confines and close houses, parking, and people are not for you. That’s ok. Moving out to the suburbs gives you a little…

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